About us

Our company was founded in 1992, having its central office in Lisów (about 20km from Radom, Poland) During the first years of our work we were collaborating with many other companies from Poland, later on we decided to expand our brand and started delivering our products and services to other european countries. Only 5 years after our brand became highly appreciated worldwide, as coworking with the USA, Mexico and China, allowed us to expand our offer. At the moment Bartmex Company is also known because of its precision as well as the highest quality of all our products, thanks to which we can enjoy collaborating with many other well-known, international companies
We specialize in manufacturing all kind of stamps, punches, tools, molds. Our priority is the highest quality and precision. We take the challenges of projects very complex and difficult to implement – each challenge offers a great opportunity to enhance knowledge and innovate our services.
We have an extensive experience in the production of parts with a very high precision and quality. It is based on many years of tests of our tools in client’s press. Our specialists are constantly striving to improve the durability of our products considering client’s requirements and proposing their own. Our company is known as one of the best toolmakers in Europe. We cooperate with companies located all over the world. The company is constantly envolving, investing in hi-tech machine park. We approach individually for every problem and each issue is deeply discussed by our team. Bartmex cooperates with subcontractors with the highest market standards (heat treatment, PVD, steel etc.) while guaranteeing the highest quality and taking full responsability for the product. The process of manufacturing components is supervised in every stage of its production. Timing differences related to cooperation with companies located on other continents is not a problem for us, because Bartmex is very flexible and regular contact and exchange of information with the clien is a priority for us .

We undertake projects very complex and difficult to execute – each challenge gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and introduce the innovations to the services we offer.